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What I Do

"The human body develops differently and with the lack of knowledge about food and exercise, some individuals come to me not understanding why they cannot reach their goals. I realized that each body is different and each individual needs a unique personalized program for their body type. What works for one may not work for another and that is why my professional personalized training leads and enables my clients to reach their personal goal.

Being a full-time parent, working parent, or professional career person may have us focused on helping others and neglecting time for ourselves. You may even feel drained and helpless in getting started on where to begin working on "you". I will navigate you on the healthy track towards an improved way of living and a new life that enables you to take care of yourself and still accomplish your regular daily obligations. Through eating healthy and a regular exercise regimen, you'll feel motivated and have more energy than you ever imagined. Don't wait another day, week, month, or year." -Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso

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Receive personal training with me 2 times a week and come into my gym for additional cardio classes. I will do all your body measurements and focus on your personal goals while training. Along with that, I will come up with a personalized eating plan based on your needs and body type.

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My personalized nutrition plan for you will not be another fad diet. Like many others you’ve probably tried and failed one or several diets due to excessive restrictions, unreasonable approaches, and unrealistic eating plans that you cannot maintain. My job is to teach you the tools you need to exchange old habits for new healthier ones...

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Kettlebells are a great way to get both cardio and strength-training in at the same time. If you are already happy with your fitness level but want to change it up, kettlebells will be the perfect addition to your routine. If you do not have a fitness routine at all, kettlebells are a great place to start.

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