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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are a great way to get both cardio and strength-training in at the same time. If you are already happy with your fitness level but want to change it up, kettlebells will be the perfect addition to your routine. If you do not have a fitness routine at all, kettlebells are a great place to start. This kettlebell package includes kettlebell training only, which will help you to achieve functional movement and great training habits. With a minimum of 8 sessions, you will be able to take your new-found skills and have a routine of your own. 

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the foundational moves that sets you up for all other kettlebell exercises. We'll begin our training with drills that will incorporate full-body tension, abdominal pressurization, diaphragmatic breathing, and proper hinging at the hips while maintaining packed shoulders needed to swing a kettlebell. After learning the kettlebell swing, we'll continue to employ one of the other four kettlebell fundamental lifts- Goblet Squat, Clean, Military Press, Turkish Get-Up into our sessions. Everyone progresses at a different pace and each session we’ll continue to fine-tune your kettlebells skills through cueing and progressions. 

After our 8 training sessions, you are encouraged to continue your kettlebell journey, either at Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness in our kettlebell classes or on your own, permitted your skill level has reached the heights needed. 

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