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Monique's Personalized Nutrition Program

My personalized nutrition plan for you will not be another fad diet. Many diets consist of the same issues; excessive restrictions, unreasonable approaches, and unrealistic eating plans that lead most people to failure. The bottom line is that diets do not work. If they did, the diet industry would essentially put itself out of business. My job is to teach you the tools you need to exchange old habits for new healthier ones by identifying the current obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goals. A common misconception is that with consistent, intense workouts, you can eat whatever you want. Unfortunately, this is not true. Until the principles of proper nutrition are applied, you will not see the desired results.  

My personalized nutrition plan would include gathering preliminary client information in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of your lifestyle: from food, to friends, to work. At our first meeting we will discuss your questionnaire, complete initial body composition, visual assessment, and fitness assessment (if needed). I will then review all assessments and preliminary client information, identify limiting factors, and establish immediate behavioral changes.

At our second meeting I will inform you of your current nutrition level based on your completed questionnaire, body composition, and current eating practices. We will go over the behavioral strategy I have put in place for you to move closer to your goals. This strategy will break your goals down into achievable actions with simple daily behavioral practices. 


During our third meeting I may provide you with your personalized nutrition plan as determined by your readiness and current nutrition level. We may continue to work on behavioral changes if necessary. We will also establish outcome goals that are specific, measurable, and reasonably timed.

You get these first three consecutive weekly meetings for $225. These first meetings are especially crucial and will set us up for true success.

Moving forward we will continue meeting 50 minute bi-weekly sessions with assessments, evaluate adherence to the program, continued nutrition education, and additional nutritional adjustments as needed, for $120 a month. 


Successful completion of my program requires a minimum 16 week commitment. This all depends on your current nutrition level, and how well you are following the program. Sustainable habits take time to practice. Keep in mind that everyone progresses at different rates. Sixteen weeks, or even a year, is not a long time when changing a lifetime of bad habits. This Precision Nutrition based multi-tiered approach through nutrition, education, and behavioral awareness ensure success when adhered to. I will be by your side through the entirety of your program, along with other fellow participants through private social platforms. You may reach me as needed for any questions or concerns.

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