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A Little Bit About Me

Are you interested in looking and feeling your absolute best? I am Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso. My personal training methodologies incorporate a combination of food and fitness.
My passion is in meeting all my clients at their level whether they are new or returning to fitness, the weekend warrior, or the athlete training in their competitive sport. I will provide and teach you the tools necessary to maintain the longevity of your program. One size does not fit all. I offer three different programs for you to choose from depending upon what your personal goals are.
I have 12 years of experience in personal training. It has been my mission in building my knowledge base through continued education to better serve the individualized needs of my clients. Prior to transitioning to owner-operator in 2006, I was an instructor from 1998-present. Although fitness and nutrition have always been a part of my lifestyle, I was determined to gain the proper qualifications to assist others in their journeys, and I cannot wait to help you in your fitness journey. 

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Kettlebell Swing Progression Challenge. Week 4, time to progress. 😊

Natasha hits first goal!

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