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Monique's Personal Training

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I am Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso. My personal training methodologies incorporate a combination of food and fitness. My passion is in meeting all my clients at their level whether they are new or returning to fitness, the weekend warrior, or the athlete training in their competitive sport. I will provide and teach you the tools necessary to maintain the longevity of your program. One size does not fit all. I offer three different programs for you to choose from depending upon what your personal goals are.

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One-on-one training, meal plan, 3 month gym membership

Receive personal training with me 2 times a week and come into my gym for additional cardio classes. I will do all your body measurements and focus on your personal goals while training. Along with that, I will come up with a personalized eating plan based on your needs and body type.

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One-on-one nutrition coaching

My personalized nutrition plan for you will not be another fad diet. Like many others you’ve probably tried and failed one or several diets due to excessive restrictions, unreasonable approaches, and unrealistic eating plans that you cannot maintain. My job is to teach you the tools you need to exchange old habits for new healthier ones...

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One-on-one kettlebell training to gain strength, cardio, and flexibility

Kettlebells are a great way to get both cardio and strength-training in at the same time. If you are already happy with your fitness level but want to change it up, kettlebells will be the perfect addition to your routine. If you do not have a fitness routine at all, kettlebells are a great place to start.

Hear What Others Have to Say

I am leaner, stronger, and most importantly I am happier and more peaceful. I have a place that helps me burn off energy and face whatever difficult circumstances I am going through. Every time I leave the studio, I feel better than before I got there, even on good days!

Bree D.

Thank you sooo much Monique for inspiring me to be stronger than ever before...and for challenging me to open my mind to new levels of accomplishment for myself! This experience has motivated a new chapter for me and that chapter is Strength!!! 


I have never had a trainer be so efficient as she is. She's everything a trainer should be and much more. Not only is she my trainer she is my friend. I am so glad I found her because it has changed my life.


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